Friday, May 15, 2015

Today was a day which we were in formal wear. Just as all the preceding days have been, today was also so beneficial and we learned more than we can all individually retain.

We started our morning learning about new product development. A huge point which was reiterated to us when learning about marketing and new product development. There are many different types of consumer products which are in the market. However, personally what I took out of todays lesson what the importance of marketing, This, incorporated with the consistent feedback from the customers and the continuous innovation to maintain demand in the market are imperative to maintaining dominance in the market for your product. If one can master these two things then their business will be much more successful.
"67% of products fail in a term of 2 years"     - Ernst & Young 1997

We then learned all about the different technologies available for the betterment of renewable technology. For example the Panel Fotovoltaico,  la energia de biogas, termas Solaris, and many more technologies. We also had the opportunity to talk with an international representative of the U.S. He told us a lot about the differences between cultures across the world. He also emphasized the importance of building international relationships. I was personally inspired to build international relationship with other countries and the United States. After this trip I will be looking for another opportunity to travel abroad, become more culturally versed, and to build international relationships.

NSF Pathways Fellows and Peruvian students,
with a member of the U.S. Embassador's Office

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