Wednesday, September 30, 2015

...And We're Back! THANK YOU!

Fall has returned and we are all back at Penn State. The trip to Peru was an educational and life changing adventure! We send our many thanks to our sponsors and partners:

·         The National Science Foundation

·         The Pennsylvania State University

o   College of Engineering Office of the Dean

o   Office of Global Programs

o   The School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional programs

·         Our Partners and Host Universities in Lima, Peru:

o   Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (National University of Engineering)

o   ESAN University

In addition we cannot thank enough the many people who made the trip fun, safe and smooth. This would include the chaperones, Peruvian students, faculty at all universities, our drivers who transported us safely through incredible traffic everyday, and the family and friends who supported us all. We know that we are changing the future when we teach the next generation of scholars.
Following are a few final pictures and memories of our trip!