Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Steps Towards Solutions.

Monday was our first design and build day. At the beginning of the day we organized our priorities. This involved us getting into groups and writing down different issues the Peruvian people have, then all four groups got together and organized our choices. Groups then chose two topics to work on, my group chose water purification/transportation and structural durability.

After brainstorming and lunch we got to drafting. Our group comprised of Itxel, Jordan, Jhon, Lisien, and I decided to split up the tasks. Itxel, Jhon, and Lisien worked on structural durability and Jordan and I focused on the water purification/transportation. The rest of my day was spent working with the managers of the FABLAB, trying to put our ideas to paper and paper to models. Jordan and I ended the day at 6pm with an effective idea, a few computer models a start on a prototype, and goals for the next day.

                                        (Above is a prototype water transportation backpack)
It was a great start to a design with genuine ideals and engineering behind it. I can't wait to get back in the lab, start 3-D printing, and finish our project.

                   (To the right is one of the 3-D printers avaible in the FABLAB)

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  1. It sounds as if the group is making progress. I like the pink prototype.