Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday marked our first full day of being in Peru. We went to the Universidad de Esan and were introduced to the President of the University, along with other engineering staff. We also met the Peruvian engineering students that will be our guide throughout our time at University de Esan and in Lima. While at the University we were given a presentation on Product Design and Management. This course had lots of great components to it, but the take home message from this presentation was that satisfying the customer's needs is paramount and even more important than the product itself. Businesses that satisfy the customer's needs have longevity and success. After completing an engineering activity and eating lunch we headed to the Peruvian Museo de Oro (Gold Museum). The museum contained lots of artifacts from the Incan time period and most of the exhibits had an interesting story to go along with them. After this we returned to The Central Plaza and spent the rest of our day there.

Universidad de Esan, Photo Credit: Jordan Smith

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