Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally we arrived at Peru around Sunday morning around 7:00 am Peruvian time. After a long flight we were greeted by Julio and then we were off to meet our hosts Sra. Gloria and Sra. Rosa. We received a warm welcome and we headed to the breathtaking Laromar, in Miraflores. Larcomar is in Miraflores had a dazzling view of the Pacific Ocean. The wonderful ocean view was accompanied by a food court with a plethora of Peruvian dishes. The two most popular dishes amongst the group were Ceviche and Lomo Saltado. After leaving the Larcomar we took a driving tour of Lima/Miraflores and got closer to the coast and took a few photos. Once we left we visited La Plaza Mayor in downtown Lima where the President's mansion commonly referred to as the Palacio de Justícia (Palace of Justice) is located along with a very beautiful chapel. Lastly we went to the Jockey Plaza which has a prolific food court for dinner. After dinner a long very enjoyable first day in Peru came to an end.  


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