Wednesday, June 3, 2015

In closing remarks, the last few days in Peru have involved quite a bit of travel, between Machu Picchu, Cuzco, and Lima. We toured several Incan sites and were able to witness the beautiful engineering of the smoothed and perfectly fitting stones that the Incas used for building their religious sanctuaries. 

As it turns out, their architecture was also well adapted to earthquakes. The earthquakes that occurred in the last 500 years destroyed some of the Spanish settlements due to their design and architecture, but the Incan smooth stoned temples stayed in tact. It just goes to show that quality engineering includes assessing the location.

We ate at a restaurant suggested to us by our tour guide after all of the touring was done: Braza Brava. The food was wonderful, and some of us went shopping afterwards. That's something that we had been excited to do for days. 

We got back to Lima, and, after a day of adjusting to the new altitude, we began our 24 hours of traveling back to the states. It's been fun Peru. I hope to come again.

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